Congratulations Chicago Face Painter

Exciting news for

Abby’s Colorful Creations! 

We are being featured on the cover of Silly Farm’s newsletter for their August/September 2018 issue! Silly Farm is one of the biggest Face Painting supply distributors for artist all over the world and they have invited Abby Ascencio, owner of Abby’s Colorful Creations to share her artwork for their next issue! We are super excited to share this news with our awesome customers! #Blessed


Hott & Trendy LOL Dolls


Last year it was all about Shopkins! But this year, these cute little LOL Dolls are the hot new toy! Every little girl is talking about them… Can we blame them? Who doesn’t like pink, glitter, and extra glitter? lol right!?

I’m constantly asking my 7 year old daughter what she thinks I should paint next. If it wasn’t for my daughter, JoJo, I would stick to painting butterflies and tigers. And hey! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with butterflies and tigers, but I have a different goal for Abby’s Colorful Creations!! 

Favorite BOY design I get asked for ALL the time! #BlackPanterFever #BoysFavorite2018

Year after year, month after month, I have to make sure I keep up with “What’s Hot”.

Our goal isn’t just to keep our customers happy…. We aim to make the entire family happy! 

This month alone, I’ve booked 4 different LOL Doll parties. All 4 moms told me the same thing “it was so hard to find decorations for this theme because it’s such a new toy”. And they were all pretty happy and surprised that they found a face painter who painted these little dolls.

Mission Accomplished! 


Customized Bling Clusters

We can create any type of clusters to match your party theme   !

Please book 2-3 weeks in advance









Other HOT & Trendy designs

Abby’s Colorful Creations has to offer for 2018!



Christmas 2017 with Abby’s Colorful Creations – Chicago Face Painter

Abby Solideo Chicago Face Painter

I’ve always been a huge fan of Christmas! I never really grew out of it when I became an adult. The best part of all is that I met my soul mate and he happens to be one of the biggest Christmas fans as well! We both go crazy as soon as November 1st hits! We deck our entire home with Christmas lights ❤

Abby Solideo Chicago Face Painter

So you can just imagine how invested I am with the Holiday parties I get booked for. I make sure to create a special little bond with every single kid that hops onto my chair!

“Face painting isn’t just my “job”. I eat, breathe, and sleep face painting!” -Abby Solideo Lead Artist


Abby Solideo Chicago Face Painter

From Christmas Emoji’s to Rudolph the Reindeer, you name it and I will add that Xmas flair to it!

Abby’s Colorful Creations is ready to attend any type of Holiday event:

  • Corporate Xmas Party
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Secret Santa Party
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
  • Xmas Theme Birthday Party
  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Xmas Pajama Party
  • And so much more!


Every year, I try to learn new ways to accommodate my customers and this year I noticed something… Something very important. As a mother of 4 kids, I know how hard it is to get everybody dressed up in their finest clothes, brush their hair, and try get everyone out the door at a decent hour! We’re known to be the family that arrives late to everything lol.

I’ve noticed that most parents do not want their kids to get a face painting design! At least not until they have taken a picture with Santa! Makes sense! You don’t want to look back at your Family picture and have to see your son face painted as Pikachu!

So I’ve added some new services that can make many parents VERY HAPPY that won’t interfere with your Family Portrait with Santa ❤

  • Airbrush Tattoos
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Canvas Painting
  • Balloon Table Centerpieces


Abby’s Colorful Creations will make your Holiday events unforgettable!!

Abby Solideo Chicago Face Painter


Abby Solideo Chicago Face Painter

Kicking Off Halloween Season with a Bang!

This past weekend was my very first Fall event and I couldn’t be more excited! It was music to my ears when my client said “please stick to fall/Halloween designs”. The kids were a little thrown off at first because they wanted butterflies, puppies, and skulls! But what they didn’t know is that I can get super creative with my Halloween colors! Before you knew it, we had a Purple, Orange, and Black puppy running around!

The weather was perfect! There was a beautiful cool breeze! and I absolutely loved the decoration my client had! This was for her Annual Fall Block Party! I think that’s pretty amazing of her to host every single year. All of her friends and family were super polite and were complimenting me left and right ♥Continue reading “Kicking Off Halloween Season with a Bang!”