Belly Art

Beautiful Belly Art for the Mommy-to-Be

Available forms of Belly Art are:

—>Traditional Belly Painting<—

—>Henna Design using Henna ink (Safe for both the baby and mommy)<—


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does it take to get my belly painted?

This usually depends on the design you choose and how detailed it is. This also depends if the mommy needs to take breaks often

  • Can I get the exact same design painted as the picture that I sent you?

As artist we don’t typically like to copy someone else’s exact work, but I can definitely paint something similar and also add a little bit of “Abby’s Colorful Creations” style.

  • Can I take breaks in between if I start feeling uncomfortable?

Of course! I’ve been pregnant myself twice in the past so I know how uncomfortable any position can get…. very fast! The mommy is the boss! So if you need to stand, sit, or lay down while I’m painting; I will have no problem at all. If you need to take a break to stretch out and/or walk a little bit; I’m ok with that as well.

  • Can my husband/boyfriend be present during the painting?

I have no problem with the entire family being present during the painting as long as I’m still able to focus and get the job done which is my main priority especially if we have another appointment scheduled after yours.

  • Do I have to drive to you for our appointment?

We can travel to your home at no extra charge! We want to make sure you are very comfortable as the session will take a couple of hours and what better place than the comfort of your own home!

  • The design is actually not for me; can I schedule an appointment for my friend?

Yes! We also have gift cards available if you’d like your friend to open up an actual gift when surprising her. 

  • Are you able to paint the Belly Art during my baby shower?

Definitely! As long as you are ok with me painting your belly for a couple of hours during the party. 



Picture Information:

  • After we complete the Belly Art; We will continue on to taking a few pictures of different poses
  • We will bring our light ring which allows us to capture every little detail of the belly art design
  • We can also bring a different color background to hang on your wall. We can
     provide with a black or white background. Example of the black background is above on the Colorful Henna design. You can also choose to have a background such as your baby’s nursery or your Christmas tree, or another special room in your home. 
  • The picture can be taken of just you or it can also include the Daddy-to-Be.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for us to edit the pictures. Editing is minimal; it will consist of adding color, brightness, positioning, adding our logo, and a few other small changes/add-ons. 
  • We like to inform all of the mommy’s that we’ll be using pictures of your Belly Art design to promote on our Website/Facebook/Other Media Sites BUT please be aware that we are only going to promote pictures of your belly. We will not promote the pictures of your full body pose and/or pictures of you and the daddy unless you provide us with permission.
  • We will send you all of the final pictures for you to review
    • Once we send; You can then let us know which designs you will allow us to promote to our media sites (other than the Belly Design; like shown below)
    • We will email you all of the pictures you decide to keep without our logo
    • Within 1 week; you will receive (1) 8×11 picture of your choice for FREE!
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