Hott & Trendy LOL Dolls


Last year it was all about Shopkins! But this year, these cute little LOL Dolls are the hot new toy! Every little girl is talking about them… Can we blame them? Who doesn’t like pink, glitter, and extra glitter? lol right!?

I’m constantly asking my 7 year old daughter what she thinks I should paint next. If it wasn’t for my daughter, JoJo, I would stick to painting butterflies and tigers. And hey! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with butterflies and tigers, but I have a different goal for Abby’s Colorful Creations!! 

Favorite BOY design I get asked for ALL the time! #BlackPanterFever #BoysFavorite2018

Year after year, month after month, I have to make sure I keep up with “What’s Hot”.

Our goal isn’t just to keep our customers happy…. We aim to make the entire family happy! 

This month alone, I’ve booked 4 different LOL Doll parties. All 4 moms told me the same thing “it was so hard to find decorations for this theme because it’s such a new toy”. And they were all pretty happy and surprised that they found a face painter who painted these little dolls.

Mission Accomplished! 


Customized Bling Clusters

We can create any type of clusters to match your party theme   !

Please book 2-3 weeks in advance









Other HOT & Trendy designs

Abby’s Colorful Creations has to offer for 2018!



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