Kicking Off Halloween Season with a Bang!

This past weekend was my very first Fall event and I couldn’t be more excited! It was music to my ears when my client said “please stick to fall/Halloween designs”. The kids were a little thrown off at first because they wanted butterflies, puppies, and skulls! But what they didn’t know is that I can get super creative with my Halloween colors! Before you knew it, we had a Purple, Orange, and Black puppy running around!

The weather was perfect! There was a beautiful cool breeze! and I absolutely loved the decoration my client had! This was for her Annual Fall Block Party! I think that’s pretty amazing of her to host every single year. All of her friends and family were super polite and were complimenting me left and right ♥

A special shout out & big Thank you to my awesome client Gina, who booked me through GigSalad! I’m sure she received a ton of quotes and I was lucky enough to be chosen!

♥Abby Solideo♥




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